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Ideas for individuals and families

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Broadcast regularly, and ask your contacts to broadcast as well using #GivingTuesdayPR.


 Your promotional activity can have an incredible multiplier effect.

  • Take non-perishable food to a soup kitchen or food bank.

  • As a family, decide together to whom you would like to donate money to improve the quality of life for others.

  • Homemade treasure hunt! Search your cupboards for kitchen utensils, plates, sheets, towels, toys, books, school supplies, etc. Gather everything you do not use and the objects that you have "extra", and donate them to a social organization in the area.

  • Keep your family's commitment to giving all year long! As a family, take a calendar and mark four days on it (one for each season) that are not connected to holidays. They can donate food, volunteer, help a neighbor with tasks they cannot do, help in their community, etc.

  • If you have leftover items in your home, hold a yard sale, and donate the proceeds to a charitable organization.

  • Talk as a family about causes that are important to you, perhaps something that has impacted your family. Find out about a walk, bike ride, or run that supports that cause and come together as a team. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to support you. Set a goal and dedicate it to that cause.

  • There are many ways you can help improve the quality of life for another. No matter what activity you do, if you meet a need, you will be improving our society. There are no small actions if they are done with commitment and with the heart of GIVING to the other.

"There can be no greater gift than giving our time and energy to help others, expecting nothing in return."

Nelson Mandela

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